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Fanatic Freewave (2022)

Fanatic Freewave

The Fanatic FreeWave is a true windsurfing chameleon – ready to adapt and excel in all conditions. From flatwater blasting, to bump & jump or waves, the FreeWave is pure fun, and the one board that takes a bigger range of conditions than ever. For 2022, the FreeWave TE comes in a new size and shape of 125l. The perfect addition for heavier riders and lighter winds.


  • Bottom Shape - Very smooth and comfortable ride in chop thanks to constant V bottom shape with slight double concaves
  • Faster Rocker - Fast rocker line boosts planing power, especially on the larger sizes.
  • Fin Options - Powerbox center fin and Slot Box side fins (with Slot Box covers) allow for use as a tri-fin or single fin.
  • Flat Deck - Great for classic freestyle windsurf moves thanks to the flat deck, neutral bottom shape and compact outline.
  • Footstrap Options - Double back strap option (on the larger models -95+) for flatwater blasting and true versatility.
  • Parallel Outline - Parallel outline design provides low drag and boosts control.
  • Trim - Trim and stance provides snappy turning on the wave.
  • Wide Tail - The wide tail ensures incredibly early planing and upwind performance.
  • Pulled-in Tail - New pulled in tail shape and outline boosts maneuverability and control over previous Freewave STB
  • Footpad - Grippy and shock absorbing dual density diamond grooving footpads.
  • Premium Footstrap - Comfortable and easy to adjust Fanatic premium footstraps. 
  • Biax Innegra Carbon Light Finish Technology adds more durabilty, 3% more strength and is perfectly balanced.  This construction absorbs force from impact extremely well.