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Fanatic Grip TE (2018)

Fanatic Grip TE

Fanatic doesn't disappoint with their new Grip TE (Team Edition) wave board! The Grip brings together the old TriWave and the 2017 Quad resulting in excellent planing power and turning capabilities for all wave conditions! With a classic wave board shape, the Grip TE holds to its namesake and truly grips turns and digs deep into the pocket of the wave. This board gives you more of a traditional stance that is front foot driven compared to the Stubby or the Freewave STB which is more back foot driven. Prepare yourself for a reactive and sporty ride with the Fanatic Grip TE - a board favorite for World Champion Victor Fernandez!

Depending on the size Grip you get, you have plenty of options for fin set up! The 68 liter comes with a  grippy and controlled quad setup. The 76, 82, and 89 liter boards offer an adaptable 5 fin box setup, and the floaty 99 liter board comes equipped with a standard center fin and two thruster fins for the option of a tri-fin setup.

Fanatic Grip TE Specs

Fanatic Grip TE Board Specs

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