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Fanatic Jag LTD (2021)

2021 Fanatic Jag LTD

If you thrive on being the fastest sailor on the water the Fanatic Jag could be your new favorite board! The Jag is turning heads with the exhilarating speed of a race winning slalom board in a design that is less technical to sail.  Don't think of the Jag as a "de-tuned slalom board", it is really designed from the ground up to be a "real-world slalom board" - allowing everyone to reach blistering fast speeds (even if you aren't a racer with dedicated race sails).  The Jag is made easier to jibe with its decreased width, small tail cutouts and rocker line.  Instead of fighting to control the board, you can focus on achieving faster and faster speeds!  The versatility of this board is increased with the foil ready deep tuttle fin box.  Now, when the wind is too light for your biggest sail you can add a foil and still be blasting around having a great time!

The LTD construction, with biax fiber and full PVC sandwich optimizes the weight/stiffness/flex ratio for an incredible feeling ride.

Key Features:

  • Supplied complete with a Choco-Black Pearl-race fin
  • Ergonomic rail shaped designed for foot comfort
  • Recessed mast foot area, keeping the rig connection low and boosting control
  • Accessibility, a slalom windsurfing board designed for the real world
  • Great jibing charateristics
  • Doesn't need a dedicated race rig to get the best from it
  • Deep Tuttle Box for strength and foil use
  • Smaller cut0outs for control, jibing and ease of planing
  • Double foot strap inserts offering inboard and outboard options
  • Can be used with rotational rigs, although more suited to cambered rigs for maximum performance
  • Premium full PVC Biax Fibre technology (LTD construction) for a light and crisp ride