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Fanatic Stubby TE (2020)

Size: 76 Liters

Price:  $ 2,399.00 
Out of Stock

Size: 82 Liters

Price:  $ 2,399.00 
Out of Stock

Size: 89 Liters

Price:  $ 2,399.00 
Out of Stock

Size: 99 Liters

Price:  $ 2,399.00 
Out of Stock
This board comes with foot straps and fins.
76/82 come with 12 cm center US box and 2 1x17cm Choco
89/99 come with 12cm center US box and 2 1x18 cm Choco

Stubby TE Freewave Windsurf Board

Whether you are a pro freewave rider or just getting your feet wet for the first time, the Stubby TE from Fanatic is the board for you.  This board gets planing super early which is crucial to getting the rider out of the white water and into the surf while holding that speed through turns allowing riders to shred as much as they want getting the most out of each wave.  While being able to accelerate quickly, the compact design lets riders turn on a dime making sliding moves super easy while also being able to spin through loops even quicker.  For those less experienced wave riders, the Stubby TE's wide nose and tail make it extremely stable when not planing making it easier to water start and get planing.  Also, the boards overall design is meant to flatten out your technique helping you progress the more you sail.  Overall, the Stubby TE is all about maximum fun with minimum fuss making it a perfect choice for real world conditions. 


  • Easier to sail than a conventional wave board
  • Will flatter your technique no matter what level you are at
  • Holds speed better through turns, meaning more turns per wave and faster, more dynamic turning in poor conditions
  • Plane incredibly early and easily, getting you out through the white water and into the jumps
  • Wide nose and tail combined with a flat deck make the board very stable when not planing
  • The compact length spins quickly through loops and sliding moves
  • Exclusive high-end Biax innegra carbon, team edition (TE) carbon