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Goya One 3 Pro (2021)

Size: 86

Price:   $ 2,165.00   $ 1,950.00  
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Size: 115

Price:   $ 2,165.00   $ 1,950.00  
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Goya One 3 Pro Freewave Windsurf Board

One board for Wave, Freestyle and Freeride.  This board is strong, flexy and versatile to make sure you’re having fun no matter what kind of windsurfing you prefer. This board is fast, planes easy and is comfortable to ride even in chop.  Let’s talk tech…

The new parallel outlines improve agility and comfort on longer, choppy runs, while the resulting added tail area improves stability, early planing and comfort. All sizes now come with a swallow tail. A slightly lower entry rocker allows the board to naturally glide into a plane. The volume in the new One 3 Pro is more equally distributed along the board’s profile, to create a more stable and evenly planing hull. Incorporating a shallower V and double concave into its bottom shape increases acceleration and planing surface. All sizes are now available with Mini Tuttle side fins and Power Box center fin, for their lightness, simplicity of use, and effective compatibility with larger fins sizes.


o   Pro Carbon Monocoque Construction.

o   Available in 86, 95, 105, 115 liters.

o   Neon red & blue on metallic red.

o   Powerbox center and Mini Tuttle side finboxes.

o   Fused Cell Core – Made from EPS(expanded polystyrene) which is really durable and lightweight.

o   Hyper Skin HD-  Entire board is covered in Hyper Skin HD which gives this board great flex and makes sure that this board will last you.  Hyper Skin is about 1/3 stronger, stiffer and lighter than conventional boards.

o   Biaxial Carbon and Unidirectional Carbon-  Patches of biaxial carbon connect the peak loads of your feet and the rest of the deck which help distribute the forces from jumping and waveriding more evenly.  A long and wide carbon deck patch acts like a backbone making this windsurf board even stiffer and eliminating and distortions.

o   Full S-Glass Hull – S-Glass adds strength and elasticity compared to standard glass, and maintains more flex than carbon.  Flex is vital for wave boards and controlling this flex is key to what makes Goya boards special for wave riding

Goya believes in sustainability.  “There are many little things we can do that are better for our environment. And so we do them”.    Here are some of the things that Goya does to reduce their footprint.

o   Boards are built for longevity so you can have them for years.

o   Biodegradable foam and compostable layup materials

o   Water based print

o   Recycled paper packaging