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Severne Psycho (2020)

Size: 92 Liters

Price:  $ 2,249.00 
Out of Stock

Size: 102 Liters

Price:  $ 2,249.00 
Out of Stock
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2020 Severne Psycho Freestyle Fun

A powerful freestyle windsurfing board, the Severne Psycho is designed so you can get the most speed possible, pop the board higher out of the water and accelerate immediately when you land. The squared off tail gives you maximum acceleration while the parallel rails reduce drag and increase stability. The footstrap inserts are placed exactly where you want them when you are doing tricks and the 50 degree front strap angle is quite an improvement for switch stance tricks.  The minimal vee on the bottom keeps the board feeling slidy, reduces drag, and adds stability when sailing switch. To permit faster more controlled rotation, its length is reduced as well as the nose volume which helps keep swing weight at a minimum. The power box fin box is reliable and durable

Former freestyle world champion Dieter van der Eyken collaborated with Severne to design the Psycho for speed and bigger moves while still being accessible to any level of freestyle windsurfer. To take your freestyle skills to the next level, go Psycho!


Severne is building windsurfing boards very differently: high pressure compression molding produces quite different strength to weight ratios and more accurate, consistent shapes.  Oversized EPS blanks apply pressure on the inside of the laminate whilst heavy concrete molds compress the outside to the exact shape of the master.  There are no partially closed molds, or re-finishing differences. Strong, accurate and consistent.  A better board.


Overbuilt to withstand heavy use through choppy conditions.  Using a higher density sandwich layer combined with internal T-stringers prevents rocker deformation under continuous impacts.  The deck also uses a higher density sandwich and has an added bamboo layer to reduce any softening between the footstraps. Pre-laminated carbon rails are key to adding enough stiffness for responsive performance, but allowing more flexible fibreglass laminates to be used on the deck and underside to avoid a harsh ride through rough water.  An added benefit of the pre-laminated carbon rails is it maintains heel integrity by vertically reinforcing that area under the heels.  The susceptible nose and tail sections are massively reinforced with carbon.


  • 100% Freestyle focused
  • More pop
  • Rotates faster both in air and sliding