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Severne Pyro

Severne Pyro Windsurfing Wave Board

The wave board you have waiting for is finally here. Designed by Severne in collaboration with 5 x World Champion Philip Köster, the PYRO will ignite your fire. Speed is Key! The faster you go, the higher you go. Specifically designed to launch Koster into the stratosphere, the Pyro prioritizes speed and power. Own the air and the wave.  With a fine tuning of the volume distribution to carry all that speed throughout the turn, and then unload it on the lip. Exact. Explosive. Epic. Engineered to excel in multiple fin configurations:
  • Twin for all-round fun and looseness
  • Thruster to make the most of less than ideal conditions
  • >Quad for when the waves demand more grip 

Aggressive aesthetics. PK performance. SV attention to detail.

severne pyro specs