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Starboard Atom IQ (2017)


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Also, check out the 2016 Atom IQ (same board, different color). Call us for more information!

104 liter is 239cm long x 71cm wide
114 liter is 239cm long x 73.5m wide
124 liters is 239cm long x 81cm wide

Starboard Atom IQ for Freeride Windsurfing Fun

For 2017 Starboard upgraded the construction of the hybrid carbon models to make the boards 10% lighter and 30% stronger.  Killer new graphics look great and the proven shapes work equally well for progressing windsurfers and accomplished windsurfers alike.  The extra width and thin profile combine to give the board a huge windrange and keep it fast, fun, and manueverable.  All sizes have a power box fin, and come with an improved Drake freeride fin. 

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