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Starboard Carve E Flax Balsa (2020)

Size: 133 Liters

Price:  $ 2,199.00 
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Size: 144 Liters

Price:  $ 2,199.00 
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Available late January - call us to pre-order!
Comes with fin and footstraps.
Interested in foiling, but don't know where to start?  Call us at 727.656.6569

Starboard Carve E Flax Balsa

The 2020 Starboard Carve is a fun playful freeride windsurfing board that doubles as a foil board for those light wind days - so you really can have it all!  These boards have adopted the original gravity control system that has been used by the Isonics and Formula boards making your sail more vertical for better control.  This then improves jibing performance by providing more rail pressure allowing more grip, power and control while carving.  Finally, the center of gravity has been lowered so you feel locked in and stable when you accelerate with every gust.

Design Changes:
  • The Carve is designed with a 15cm extended flat section in the rockerline while the Carve E is 20cm giving the board a longer, more efficient planing surface that gets you up and going. 
  • The 101's overall length was reduced in the nose and tail and the flat section on this board was fine tuned to be a bit shorter along the sides of the board giving it a slippery and fast feeling in higher winds.
  • The 111 and 122 also have reduced length in the nose and tail along with a 1cm decrease in overall width.  The tail has been made 1cm wider improving jibes, reaction, boosted control and enhanced acceleration in higher winds.
  • The 133 and 144 (Carve E) have a 20cm extended flat section giving them exceptional planing efficiency letting them keep planing in challenging gusts
Starboard's Flax Balsa construction gives you added stiffness with the benefit of using recycled materials. Starboard has been making a concentrated effort to reduce plastics and use recycled or sustainable materials like end grain balsa. Flax fibers provide stiffness similar to carbon and end grain balsa provides exceptional impact resistance.