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Starboard Go 3DX (2018)


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Call for availability of other sizes. Board includes back fin, centerboard, and footstraps.

Starboard Go Freeride Windsurfing Fun

Introduced to the Starboard fleet in 2017, the Starboard Go can take you from learning to windsurf all the way to progressing to carve jibes and speed runs in the footstraps.  The EVA deck is friendly on your skin and grippy under your feet.  With a similar shape to the ever-popular Starboard Carve, the Go is a board that doesn't sacrifice performance for ease of use.  They come with a high performance Drake fin to give you a solid feel beneath your board as you progress, and a center fin box so you don't get frustrated as you are learning.  
The GOs feature Starboard's new 3DX construction. 3DX stands for three dimensional biaxial glass microsandwich construction. Both deck and bottom are wrapped in 45 degree biaxial glass fiber wetted out with an expanding foam epoxy cured under high pressure. The biaxial glass gives a crisp, stiff feel with flex for choppy conditions. The foam epoxy creates a 2mm skin thickness for a microsandwich effect: tough and strong. This board is perfect for the family; gives you stability and glide in light wind for beginners, but has the performance as you and your family advance your windsurfing skills!

Starboard Go Board Tech Specs
2018 Starboard Go 3DX Board Specifications