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Starboard Ignite (2021)

Size: 87 - Carbon Reflex

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Size: 93 - Carbon Reflex

Price:   $ 2,899.00   $ 2,465.00  
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Size: 103 - Carbon Reflex

Price:   $ 2,899.00   $ 2,465.00  
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Starboard Ignite (2021)

Freestyle? Freeride? Freewave? When you can't decide which windsurfing board you need, you need a board that combines the best of everything! The Starboard Ignite jumps quickly onto a plane and accelerates like you won't believe! The thick tail and fast rockerline give you slalom board-like performance when it comes to speed and early planing. But you aren't limited to just going fast. The ignite is also made for the biggest jumps and the quickest jibes with instant exit speed. And when you are feeling frisky, just switch to the supplied freestyle fin, set the footstraps in their freestyle settings and the Ignite transforms into the extreme freestyle windsurf board that pops, accelerates and rotates extremely fast for easier rotations. Mixing freestyle performance with slalom board speed is a new concept for a windsurfing board - and Starboard is just the innovator to get it right.

What's new for 2021?  The board features a new shape this year that mixes freestyle with super-speed.  They are shorter by 13 cm's to make them super reactive.  The rocker has been updated to be faster with less tail kick to boost top speed and acceleration.  The maximum thickness point is now directly under your back foot and the volume distribution is more concentrated between your feet for total control.  The Ignite transforms into the extreme freestyle board that pops, accelerates and rotates extremely fast for easier triple-rotations. Yep...I said TRIPLE.  This is the new benchmark in PWA high performance.  This board features Carbon Reflex - Starboards lightest, most exclusive flagship construction that uses the lightest bi-axial carbon fiber for exceptional flex and feel. 

Drake Ready to Freestyle 18cm / 19cm / 21cm for pure freestyle. Drake FreeWave 24cm / 26cm / 28cm for supercross and high wind bump and jump.
Freestyle: place your mast base and footstraps following the red marks
Freeride: place your mast base and footstraps following the white marks
The most important element behind the Ignite’s speed: ultra-fast rocker drawn from the iSonic slalom boards and adapted to the ultra-compact outline of the Ignites.
Bottom Shapes
The tail has a slight vee, like slalom boards, for more speed. This vee accentuates towards the front of the board for more forgiveness during rotational freestyle moves, more comfort and more control when cutting through heavy chop.
The maximum thickness point of an Ignite is directly under your back foot. This volume distribution, more concentrated between your feet, gives you total control and pop in all maneuvers.
The Ignite features a Power Box for the most secure and strongest fit available today.

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