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Starboard Kode (2021)

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Starboard Kode (2021)

The whole point of the Kode windsurf board is to deliver the best onshore wave performance and excel in freeride, freewave and freestyle windsurfing.  This is an agressive windsurf board and not meant just for cruising around the bay.  If you're ready to push things to the next level with your windsurfing, this board can help.  The Kode shape is short in both nose and tail for added maneuverability while avoiding any loss in acceleration or spped.  The increased bottom vee shape adds even more maneuverability and precision while wave sailing, gives a sharper acceleration in the gusts and more smoothness in rough waters.  The tailored fin selection, fin positions and strap positions for each size complete the uncompromised convertible set up.  These are the fastest freewave boards in single-fin mode and Starboards best onshore wave boards in tri-fin mode.  The different fin configurations make sure you're supercharged across the widest range of conditions.  Spend less time figuring out the right set up for this board with Starboard's color coding system. If you're windsurfing in waves, place your mast base and footstraps on the white markers.  If you're doing some freewave sailing, place your mast base and footstraps following the blue marks.  If you want to freeride, put the mast base and footstraps on the yellow marks. 

What's new for 2021?  This year we see the addition of 2 new sizes to the lineup, the 125 and the 135.  In single-fin mode they are fast and furious freeride blasters.  In tri-fin mode and with straps in wave positions, they turn into the most radical super-sized wave boards ideal for heavier riders.