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Starboard Phantom Free 3DX


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Comes with fin, footstraps, and daggerboard.
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Starboard Phantom Free 3DX Long Board Windsurfing Fun

271cm long x 79cm wide x 207 liters of volume

You've thought about getting a raceboard, but a the 12 foot long length doesn't fit in your life. A Rio or a Go is an option, but you really want something that is higher performance. Starboard has solved your problem with the Phantom Free! A high performance board for light wind that is also fun when the breeze picks up and it's only 271cm long. Based off the Phantom raceboard shape, the length has been trimmed it down to 271 cm, it still has the Bat Wings, but the adjustable mast track has been removed. A lighter, simpler and more fun for more people, in all conditions windsurfing board is born.

Bat Wings:
Giving you important performance advantages, the Bat Wing design really sets the Phantom apart from other recreational long-boards. Giving a wide planing surface at high speeds with reduced drag and more lift at low speeds. This translates into earlier planing, improved upwind tracking, a wider wind range and the possibility to use larger fins.

3DX Technology
The Phantom Free is available in our exclusive 3DX construction.
3DX stands for three dimensional biaxial glass micro-sandwich construction. Both deck and bottom are wrapped in 45 degree biaxial glass fiber wetted out with an expanding foam epoxy cured under high pressure. The biaxial glass gives a crisp, stiff feel with flex for choppy conditions. The foam epoxy creates a 2mm skin thickness for a micro-sandwich effect: tough and strong.