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Black Project Dieter Van Der Eyken Freestyle Fin

Dieter Van Der Eyken Freestyle Windsurfing Fin

The Dieter VD Eyken Freestyle Fin is what you get when you bring together a performance driven company with the PWA Freestyle World Champion Dieter Van der Eyken (hence the name). This collaboration gave way to the next generation of freestyle windsurfing fins that is geared towards all types of freestyle riders! Unique in it's shape, the Van Der Eyken fin helps maximize freestyle performance through efficient speed, enhanced control, and effortless pop. This fin comes in the 18.5cm range with a power box style fitting.

To get the desired speed you need to move into tricks like the Flaka or Speed Loop, the Dieter Freestyle fin uses foil technology. This allows you to get increased entry speed so you can make your moves bigger and go for multiple rotations almost effortlessly! We say almost because, well, let's face it- we can't all make it look easy like DVD Eyken or Gollito Estredo do! Control is the next major benefit of this fin- with an increased rake of 1.5 degrees and an exaggerated curve, you can maintain speed and confidence through duck and carving maneuvers. The increased surface area at the base gives you more push capabilities  and lift out of the water in your take off which translates to higher jumps and more pop! 

  • Developed in collaboration with PWA Freestyle World Champion Dieter v/d Eyken.
  • ‘Dieter Bump’ more power with more slide.
  • Fast foil for increased maneuver entry speed.
  • Powerful base for increased pop.
  • Increased tip curve & progressive rake to enhance control.
  • CNC produced in Black Ed. G10 for ultimate durability.
  • Fin of choice for: Dieter v/d Eyken