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Black Project Dragon Freeride/Freerace Fin Tuttle Box

Black Project Dragon Freeride / Freerace Windsurfing Fin

The Freeride Freerace Dragon fin by Black Project was built for speed but made to be comfortable so you can enjoy your best windsurfing days! Using design and inspiration from their slalom fins, the Dragon gives you top speed and shares a similar foil shape with the Black Project racing line. This free ride windsurfing fin also has a unique FlexTip that keeps your windsurfing board flat and eliminates pitch and roll. What does this mean for you? Maximum control as you blast through the water! 

While super fast, the Dragon freeride freerace fin is very forgiving and planes up early even if you lack that perfect windsurfing technique. Great upwind performance, this fin gives you a step up from standard factory fins that often come with boards. You get durability and performance from Black Project's Black Edition G10 material so you know this fin will last even through your gnarliest windsurfing sessions!

The Dragon is the standard freeride/freerace equivalent to the Hydro Anti-Weed fin. If you love the feel of the Dragon, but need to shed weeds or often sail in shallow water, check out the Hydro!

  • Designed for freeirde/freerace performance in a wide range of windsurfing conditions
  • Extremely fast & forgiving Dragon foil.
  • Solid G-10 base for maximum strength
  • Available in PB or TT base.
  • Black Ed. G10 for enhanced performance & durability
  • Protective foam cover