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Black Project Kraken Freewave Fin Power Box

Kraken Freewave Windsurfing Fin

The Kraken Freewave fin is designed to increase board speed, wind range and turning abilities of all single fin freewave boards. This windsurfing fin is a combination of Black Project's Epic wave fins and the speed/drive of the freeride fins to develop this new freewave fin. Some may say the Kraken has been unleashed with this beast of a freewave fin! The Kraken freewave fin helps to liven up your freewave board, making it faster, easier to jibe and more controlled in choppy water.

If you like the feel of a lively board under your feet in the waves or chop and hop conditions, the Kraken will give you that crisp satisfying feel through each turn. If you like the feel and performance of this free wave fin, but you sail on bigger sailboards, consider the Dragon Freeride. It is the big brother to the Kraken and will get you blasting around in no time! 

  • Designed for freewave performance in a wide range of conditions

  • Progressive rake with well swept tip for board control, lift and maneuverability

  • Extremely fast & spin-out resistant Kraken foil

  • Available in PB, US or Slot Box

  • Solid G-10 base for maximum strength

  • Threaded brass insert on PB & quality screw/plate with US base fins.

  • Black Ed. G10 for enhanced performance & durability

  • Protective foam cover