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Black Project Weed Speed 40


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40 Degree Rake, Weed Fin

Weed Speed 40 Degree Rake Windsurfing Fin

The Black Project WEEDspeed deals with the age old problem of weed in the water while racing or speed sailing. Designed with a high angle of rake you will be able to concentrate on the fasted line without collecting clumps of weed. This fin is also proving popular in shallow locations where you need the fin area but do not have the depth required for a normal upright fin. Since its introduction this has become one of our most popular fins in our range with rave reviews from around the world. The easy to control speed and power has meant that riders report that they can use smaller fins than before, which increases efficiency. With excellent drive compared to other weed fins available upwind performance is excellent. The pure speed of the WEEDspeed was demonstrated by Brad Anderson who set the One Hour World Speed Record withe the WeedSpeed 28, Brad was the first person to average over 30knots for a complete hour recording a 30.37 knots average! If you windsurf in an area with lots of thick weeds, you will want to check out the Weedspeed with 50 degrees of rake for better shedding of weeds.

  • Maximum performance: Broad reach to deep reach
  • High rake (40% from vertical) for weed shedding and shallow water conditions
  • Unique outline for maximum efficiency and control
  • Highly spin-out resistant
  • Solid G-10 Tuttle base
  • Threaded brass inserts