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Black Project Weed Speed 50

size/base: 38cm Power Base

Price:  $ 225.00 
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size/base: 42cm Power Base

Price:  $ 230.00 
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Ultimate weed shedding and speed in one fin

50 Degree Rake Windsurfing Weed Fin

The Black Project Weed Speed 50 has extreme rake for shedding weeds, but still feels like a normal fin!  The WEEDspeed (50 degrees)windsurfing slalom and speed fin deals with the problem of thick weed and shallow water while racing or speed sailing. Following on from the success of the original WeedSpeed (now renamed WeedSpeed40) the new WeedSpeed50 is the latest addition to our windsurfing weed fin range taking shallow and weed filled water sailing to new places.  To keep the center of effort correctly balanced the foil has been moved forward on the base to allow for increased rake. The smaller sizes have been optimized for speed sailing in shallow water while the bigger sizes have been tuned for slalom sailing. The first thing that you will notice about the WeedSpeed50 is that it sails just like an upright windsurf fin, our aim is to have a seamless transition between the fins in your quiver and fins should be forgettable so that you can concentrate on finding the fastest path through the often confused waters. Longevity is extremely important to us and hence all of our weed fins feature a robust tip outline to safeguard against accidental damage in shallow water.

  • Maximum performance: Close reach to deep reach
  • Outstanding acceleration, control and speed
  • 50 Degrees of rake for shedding thick weed and shallow water sailing
  • ESS (Equivalent Sizing System) for easy comparison with regular fins
  • 25, 28 & 31 optimized for speed & GPS sailing
  • 34, 38, 42 optimized for slalom sailing
  • Highly spin-out resistant
  • Laminar flow foil technology
  • CNC produced in [Black Ed.] G10 for exceptional stiffness and durability
  • Solid G-10 Tuttle bases
  • Threaded brass inserts for a premium fit and longevity