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Maui Fin Company Weed Ride

Size/Base: 30cm power box

Price:  $ 143.00 
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Size/Base: 33cm power box

Price:  $ 146.00 
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Size/Base: 36cm power box

Price:  $ 148.00 
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Size/Base: 39cm power box

Price:  $ 159.00 
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Call 727.656.6569 for availability of other sizes and fin base styles.

MFC Weed Ride

Nothing is worse than being slowed down by weeds when you are windsurfing. A 35 degree rake angle to shed weeds and a profile derived from the H1 Racing makes this fin is very fast and gives it excellent carving abilities.  Great speed and upwind ability combined with the G-10 construction means you aren't sacrificing performance. If you have questions regarding which size and base type is most appropriate for you see below or do not hesitate to give us a call at 727.656.6569.

Power Box vs Tuttle Box vs US Base Types

The different base types that are available for windsurfing fins are essential to know, however, it can sometimes be confusing remembering which is the appropriate choice for your board.
  • The power box type (shown in the picture above) has a "U-shaped" base and requires only one fin screw in the center
  • The tuttle box base type is flat and is used for windsurfing boards that have two fin screw holes
  • The US base type is more common on stand-up paddleboards, yet there is a pin in the front of the base that slides into the fin box before screwing in the back of the fin from the underside of the board