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Phantom Iris Z

Size: 5.8

Price:   $ 819.00   $ 614.00  
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Size: 6.8

Price:   $ 849.00   $ 636.00  
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Works best with Phantom Iris SDM masts, call us for compatibility with RDM masts or other brands.

The Iris Z is a freeride sail designed for windsurf foiling with 5 battens, 2 cams and a reduced mast sleeve width.

It is built with our new hybrid construction made of monofilm and PXB 1,5mil Laminate.

Featuring high aspect ratio designs helping to reduce the boom length for a better control and forgiveness.

Extremely versatile, easy to rig and to handle. The Iris Z can be either rigged with SDM or RDM masts.

Sail specifications