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Goya Mark (2022)

Size: 6.6

Price:   $ 680.00   $ 545.00  
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Size: 7.2

Price:   $ 703.00   $ 565.00  
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Size: 8.5

Price:   $ 743.00   $ 594.00  
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Goya Mark

A cost effective model of windsurfing sail, this is Goya's most economical sail in the mark series. This 6 batten freerace sail utilizes monofilm in the main window and panels. Super lightweight 6 batten build plus truncated boom length give the Mark a compact, light and easy feeling as you accelerate, when you are powered up at speed and through high speed technical transitions on the water!

  • Monofilm window, Monofilm and Scrim panels.

  • Available in 5,4, 5,8, 6,2, 6,6, 7,2, 7,8, 8,5 square meters.

  • Available in Red & Fluo Yellow.

RDM or SDM compatible on all sizes, except 5.4, 5.8.