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Goya Nexus Pro (2020)

Nexus Pro Freeride Sail

The Nexus Pro from Goya embodies the heart and soul of freeride windsurfing.  Focusing on pure and simple fun, this sail is the best choice for power, speed and maneuvers in conditions ranging from a touch of surf to a little bump and jump.  The Nexus Pro offers light, easy handling making light wind sailing more fun while also making being powered up more stable and comfortable.  Built to last, the sail offers a pro monofil & scrim construction letting the sail have a long life in real world conditions.   

Larger sizes of this sail are designed for more low end power while speed while the smaller sizes have a higher foot for tight maneuvering.


  • Pro construction monofilm & scrim
  • Larger sizes - more low end power and speed
  • Smaller sizes - higher foot for tight maneuvering
  • RDM/SDM compatible
  • 5 batten
  • No-cam

goya nexus sail specs

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