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Duotone E Pace HD (2020)

E_Pace HD No-Cam Freeride Sail

The brand-new E_Pace from Duotone is the kind of sail that makes windsurfing so much fun.  This sail is replacing the E_Type, but by no means is it the same sail with a different name. Duotone has worked on several improvements for 2020. Our favorite part about this sail is its versatility. This sail offers an incredible wind range allowing you to enjoy more time out on the water in varying conditions. The sail handles well giving you great control and confidence making for fun and easy sessions.

One of the newest features that you’ll love is the 3-in-1 trim system. This helps you take advantage of the wind range depending on how you decide to trim the sail. The sail has min/max trim points. When you have it set on the minimum setting, this windsurfing sail will power up very quickly at the slightest wind pressure. This makes it a great option for foiling. Duotone also included a special clew eyelet to use when you are windsurf foiling allowing you to position the sail more upright. Allowing the sail to be more upright will help keep you from porpoising while foiling. When it’s set on the maximum setting you will easily stay in control even if you are overpowered.

Easy to rig and easy acceleration to get you planning faster without pumping. One sail to cover a wide range of wind, helping to keep your quiver light.

The HD version is made of mono film and x-ply making it really strong and durable.





  • 3 in 1 design - extremely wide wind range and unprecedented trim range
  • Minimum mast concept - two masts cover all sizes
  • Hollow lower leech - reduced bottom length without losing low end power
  • VTS 2.0 for quick rigging without having to look at the top
  • Super-light bumper with integrated trim indicator

Size 5.4 5.8 6.2 6.6 7.3          7.8          8.2
 Boom Max (cm)  177 183 189  193  205  211  219
 Luff Max (cm)  434  436  440  462  472  482  496
 Vario Top              
 Battens  6  6  6  6  6  7  7
 Weight (kg)  3.90  4.10  4.30  4.50  4.70  5.00  5.30
 Mast Length (Best/Alt)  430/400  430  430  430/460  460  460  490/460

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