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Duotone E Type HD (2019)


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Duotone E_Type HD Freeride Windsurfing Sail

Leave your friends in the dust with the fastest, no-cam freeride windsurfing sail from Duotone, now in the HD grid construction.  The E_type sail comes in a standard mono film version or the HD version which is mono film and layered x-ply for incredible durability and longevity along with a two year warranty in case the worst should happen to your sail.  With the addition of the HD construction you can get legendary Duotone (North) no-cam performance in the more durable grid construction that you have been wanting.  This free ride windsurfing sail features a luff lift panel which allows for super early planing and acceleration through a larger profile in the upper luff letting riders be the fastest ones on flat or choppy water and making the sail easier to clear for water starts.  Another quality of life improvement with this windsurfing sail in the VTS 2.0 easy rigging system which helps beginner riders trim their sails more accurately and lowers the amount of time riders will spend on land rigging their sails.  Finally, the E_type offers a progressive battten configuration which matches the amount of battens to the sail size perfectly matching the range of use and this sail is designed to be used with a 430 mast or a 460 covering all the size ranges. 

Sizes 5.4 5.8 6.2 6.6 7.3 7.8 8.2
Boom Max(cm)                        
175 179 188 194 203 207 219
Luff Max (cm) 428 434 442 462 472 480 496
Vario Top - - - - - - -
Battens 6 6 6 6 6 7 7
Camber - - - - - - -
Weight (kg) 3.90 4.10 4.30 4.50 4.70 5.00 5.30
Mast Length (Best/Alt) 430/400 430 430 460/430 460 460 460/490