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Duotone Super Hero (2020)

Size: 4.0 Turquoise/Grey

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Size: 4.5 Berry/Grey

Price:   $ 769.00   $ 599.00  
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Duotone Super Hero Wave Sail

Take your wave sailing to a whole new level with this versatile wave sail from Duotone.  This windsurfing sail comes in two different constructions, this model is the standard construction which is lighter and crisper than the HD construction. The Super Hero comes in a 4 or 5 batten system depending on the size of the sail while keeping a similar design to a 3 batten wave windsurfing sail.  There is an increased distance from the batten above the boom and the foot batten allowing the sail to have an amazing on/off feel when riding down a wave and also allowing the wind to fill the profile of the sail in under powered conditions.  This is balanced by having mini battens in the leech and radial load stripes at the clew.  This allows the Super Hero to offer more stability than a 3 batten wave windsurfing sail while also increasing the wind range of the sail.  As with any wave sail, we always want to know how sturdy it is and how much punishment the sail can handle.  The Super Hero offers the smallest monofilm window of any 4 batten sail on the market greatly reducing the chance of tearing your sail while also featuring highly puncture resistant Xply plus in the leech while using Tri-ply material in the foot of the sail increasing the sail ability to stop rips by a whopping 30%.  Lastly, all the battens are made of epoxy making them highly resistant and long lasting.  New for 2020, sail designers have made a few minor changes making the sail feel lighter in your hands.

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