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Ezzy Cheeta 8.5 (Used)


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This is a used sail please call us at 727.656.6569 for pictures.
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2018 Ezzy Cheetah 8.5 Used

Still setting the standard for an all-around freeride windsurfing sail in durable grid construction - the 2018 Ezzy Cheetah is better than ever! The draft stays locked in place, so you aren't fighting with your sail - even in the big gusts.  No cams keeps the sail easy to rig and the Cheetah’s deep foil provides power and speed. The Cheetah's predictable handling means you can spend your energy getting every bit of speed out of your board, ripping your jibes, and looking for that next ramp to jump off of. 

The Cheetah is pure freeride but can hold its own against any race sail. The forgiving, soft feel makes the Cheetah a dream to gybe. The Cheetah rigs on all RDM and SDM masts. And, like all Ezzy Sails, the Cheetah is built to last.

  • High Tech Material The Cheetah is built with Dyneema reinforced X-ply, ripstop scrim-X, and a Weft-Stop anti-rip sleeve cloth. Every seam is glued and covered before being sewn.
  • Factory Tuning In the Ezzy factory, they rig every Cheetah on the correct mast with the correct downhaul and outhaul. And then they tune the battens. After all that, every inch of the sail is thoroughly inspected to make sure it meets the quality standards.

This is a used sail so there is normal wear and tear from repeated use.