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Ezzy Zephyr

Size: 7.5 Blue

Price:  $ 749.95 
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Size: 7.5 Orange

Price:  $ 749.95 
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Ezzy Zephyr - Long Board Windsurfing

The Ezzy Zephyr only comes in one size (7.5m) because it is the perfect sail to use on a longboard or with your windsurf-able sup! It is designed to work great in light wind, with maximum power without sacrificing ease of handling. The deep forward draft would make you think it has cambers, but it doesn't! Made from technora, scrim and spectra x-film (no monofilm), the zephyr is made to last. 
Rigs on a 460 mast (with a luff length of 485-489cm) and has a boom length of 215-226cm.