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Maui Sails Aloha (2015)


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Do you need a mast and boom to go with this sail?  Call 727.656.6569 or send an e-mail if you aren't sure what will work best for you.

Maui Sails Aloha for Progressing Windsurfers

The Maui Sails Aloha is an easy to rig, easy to use windsurfing sail!  The Aloha is great for beginners purchasing their first sail or putting together their quiver because it is light and durable, and will be a sail that you can use even as you progress to harness use and planing! With 5 battens in the bigger sizes and 4 battens in the small sizes (below 5.5), you get plenty of control and stability from light to higher wind speeds. These are brand new sails, but they are a few seasons old so you get a really great discount for a great sail!

Aloha Sail Tech Specs
Maui Sails Aloha Tech Specs