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S2 Maui Banshee (2020)

size: 6.4

Price:  $ 770.00 
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size: 7.6

Price:  $ 810.00 
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size: 8.2

Price:  $ 830.00 
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S2 Banshee (2020)

What does 2020 have in store for the S2 Banshee?  I'm glad you asked, let me tell you. 

Some updated features have this sail at its best yet and we're excited for you to give it a try.  You can expect the same high performance from this ultralight and camless Freeride/Freerace/Freefoil sail as the 2019 with some new shiny features.   

They have refined the shape to help increase the lower profile stability and expanded the wind range.  S2 adjusted the leech twist with a little more focus on the low end power that you need for freeride and foiling.  New Technora™ Spacelight in two different thicknesses is precisely aligned together for a superlight and reactive leech.  Mid sail there are race quality tube battens that increase this windsurf sails stability. For a camless sail, you will be blown away by the amazing speed, power and lightweight handling.  This sail boasts instant acceleration and energetic early planing. The center of effort is perfectly balanced low and  located close to the rider giving you maximum control for a clean and stable profile. 

With these improvements in shaping and stability, this makes for a great foil sail. The power to size ratio paired with the light weight characteristics make for perfectly balance foil flight, keeping you flying high even in the lightest winds.

If versatility and performance are what you want from windsurfing then the Banshee is for you.