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S2 Maui Wicked (2020)


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S2 Wicked Sail (2020)

If you like going fast and like to foil, then this is the sail for you.  S2 just came out with the Wicked for 2020.  It’s a high performance 2 cam freerace and foil sail.  This sail gains inspiration from their Venom race sail and offers a little more forgiveness in handling. 

Some upgrades for 2020 include using SpaceLight ™ panel layouts with increased use of their “performance film” in the lower sail body.  Super light and low stretch red and blue Technora Spacelight ™ panels in the upper leech help provide instant reactive leech response.   This sail moves when you tell it to, allowing you to be in complete harmony with your gear.   Another update for 2020, the smaller sail sizes are now RDM compatible. 

This windsurf sail is one of the lightest freerace and foil sails that you can find on the market.  This sail has 7 battens, which include carbon tubes just like the Venom.  This helps ensure that you get a smooth, efficient and stable freerace sail all while hitting the full race speed.  You want to make sure you’re in control when you’re going for speed, and this sail is sure to do that. The overall tension and cam pressure is slightly softer for effortless rotation and excellent control. 

These lightweight characteristics also make it great for foiling.  The perfect balance and easy rotation allows you to enjoy a smooth windsurf foiling session.  Hop on and enjoy the ride.

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