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Severne Mach 2


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Fully cambered, double luff race sail

2019 Severne Mach 2 Race Sail

Building on the Mach 1, the new and improved Mach 2 is faster and lighter with better acceleration. For true PWA level windsurfing performance, the Mach 2 paired with a raceboard is absolutely the fastest kit on the water.

Fewer battens mean a lighter sail, making the Mach 2 one of the lightest windsurf race sails on the market. The finer leading edge rotation delivers that slippery feel and the more open twist patterns reduce drag to increase your top speed.

New for 2019
Flow aligned battens
Improved speed and acceleration

Other Key Features
Monofilm body construction
Kevlar X-ply Luff Sleeve results in minimal vertical stretch with horizontal elasticity
Tube battens for high performance stability
Direct drive tensioners connect directly to the tube batten
XL Cam with 8 rollers to reduce mast wear