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2024 Ezzy Legacy Rig 60% rdm mast

Size: 5.5

Price:   $ 1,466.00   $ 1,389.00  
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Size: 5.8

Price:   $ 1,490.00   $ 1,409.00  
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Size: 6.5

Price:   $ 1,515.00   $ 1,434.00  
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Size: 7.5

Price:   $ 1,535.00   $ 1,459.00  
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2024 Ezzy Legacy Freeride Windsurfing Rig

Get the durable, nice performing Ezzy Legacy sail with great Ezzy and Chinook components!  Just add a board and you have everything you need to get out on the water!  If you are looking for the next upgrade from your first beginning rig, the Legacy rig is the sail that will progress with you as you advance your skills! The Ezzy 60% reduced diameter mast teamed up with the Legacy sail gives you a lightweight, responsive feel that is easy to maneuver on the water. Not only does the Ezzy RDM mast offer more performance, but it is easier to rig than a Standard Diameter Mast.

This is great as you start to improve your sail handling skills to make faster tacks and jibes or even try your hand at some light wind freestyle moves. We like the euro-pin for ease of use but if you want we can include the 2pin base cup as well.

This Rig includes:
- 2024 Ezzy Legacy
- Ezzy 60% RDM Mast*
- Chinook Pro-1 Alloy or RDG Alloy boom
- Chinook Aluminum RDM Euro-Pin Extension
- Single-bolt Euro-Pin Mast Base
- An Uphaul

*5.5m/5.8m/6.5m come w/ 430cm mast 
*7.5m rig comes w/ 460cm mast

Ezzy Legacy Windsurf Sail Specifications

If you need some extra tips on how to rig your Ezzy Legacy rig-check out this video!