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Bic Techno 293 OD w/ Rig Package

Size: 5.8

Price:   $ 2,848.00   $ 2,725.00  
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Size: 6.8

Price:   $ 2,868.00   $ 2,749.00  
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Size: 7.8

Price:   $ 2,888.00   $ 2,769.00  
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Size: 8.5

Price:   $ 2,948.00   $ 2,829.00  
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Bic Techno 293 with Techno One Design Rig

This package pairs the Bic Techno 293 with the Bic Techno One Design rig for the complete international youth one-design class kit.  The package includes the board (with footstraps, fin, and centerboard) and the sail, mast, boom, extension, and mast foot.  Adjustable downhaul, adjustable outhaul, and harness lines are sold separately.

The Board
This is the Techno 293--the One-Design windsurfing class race board for youth under 17 around the world. It also makes a great learning board for lighter weight windsurfers and a nice large sized short board for intermediate windsurfers of all sizes. The retractable dagger board means you can still get up-wind when the wind gets light and the fun board outline and rocker gives you comfort and control in a variety of conditions.
What helped the Techno 293 OD become such a successful Class Racing board was its general performance and easy control. With a high volume and moderate outline, the Techno 293 OD provides a stable platform for learning to windsurf. A daggerboard provides directional stability and makes sailing upwind a breeze.
In light winds, the near 3 m length helps the board really glide through the water, making windsurfing an exciting option in sub-planing conditions. Once the wind gets up, the concave hull helps boost the board onto the plane making for great funboard sailing. Its lightweight and solid construction ensure that performance and durability remain even after intensive use. Competition aside, the Techno 293 OD is ideal for learning and leisure funboarding.
This versatility enables clubs to reduce their overheads and equipment costs by having just one board model from learning right through to racing. With high quality fittings it really is a reliable, high performance board, comfortable in all water conditions.

The Rig
This is a complete Bic One Design Rig that comes complete with sail, mast, boom and extension. The sail bag has internal pockets for the mast, extension, and foot - super handy for keeping everything together!  This rig package has been designed to be raced in the widest wind range possible, representing the best possible compromise between light wind pumping performance and high wind planing performance.  Youth racers under the age of 15 typically use the 6.8m size rig, racers under 17 typically use the 7.8m size rig.  More information about Techno One-Design racing can be found at

The rig comes in sizes 5.8, 6.8, 7.8, or 8.5