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Black Project Hydro Freeride Weed Fin Power Box

Size/Base: 35cm power box

Price:  $ 185.00 
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Size/Base: 37.5cm power box

Price:  $ 187.50 
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Size/Base: 40cm power box

Price:  $ 190.00 
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Size/Base: 42.5cm power box

Price:  $ 192.50 
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Size/Base: 45cm power box

Price:  $ 195.00 
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Size/Base: 47.5cm power box

Price:  $ 197.50 
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Hydro Anti-Weed Freeride Windsurfing Fin

The Hydro Anti-Weed Freeride / Freeerace windsurfing fin is a major upgrade for riders windsurfing in weed filled and shallow water. This is an awesome upgrade for any windsurfer who has had to slog around because weeds were caught on your fin and slowed you down! The Hydro Weed fin was built with similar concepts to Black Project's anti-weed fin range. However, the Hydro differs in its ability to allow recreational windsurfers to sail in shallow, weed ridden waters with confidence, speed, and control. Similar to the Dragon free ride fin, the Hydro has an advanced foil that still allows you to plane up early and get great upwind performance!

With a reinforced tie  and durable G10 construction, you can expect the best from this fin, and you can make the best out of your shallow water windsurfing sessions. Optimized for comfort and control, the Hydro will fit right into your fin quiver whether you are all about the speed on straight reaches or you are a slalom god who wants to make smooth jibes given any opportunity. 

  • 45° leading edge for shedding thick sea grass and kelp.
  • EQCM sizing, choose the same size as you would with a regular fin.
  • Designed for freeride/freerace performance in shallow and weed filled water.
  • Extremely fast & forgiving Hydro foil.
  • Solid G-10 base for maximum strength
  • Available in PB or TT base.
  • Black Ed. G10 for enhanced performance & durability
  • Protective foam cover

Black Project Hydro Weed Fin Specs