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Epic Gear 60% RDM Mast

Size: 430

Price:  $ 386.00 
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Size: 460

Price:  $ 432.00 
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Epic Gear Wave RDM 60% Mast

High-performance, 2-piece, reduced diameter windsurfing mast that the well-known Aerotech Sails are built around. The Epic Gear 60% mast is composed of 60% carbon fiber, and is made in Europe using extremely high quality pre-preg carbon. With a unique construction process, the Epic Gear Wave mast gives you a high reflex response which is great at maintaining desired sail shape. This mast will achieve this shape and work great with any sail that is designed around a constant curve mast. If you have questions about compatibility of your windsurfing sail and this mast, just give us a call! 

The Epic Gear Wave RDM mast also features texillium finish which helps protect the mast from uv exposure and general wear. With mostly gold and black colored texillium, you will have a mast that looks like it was made for windsurfing kings! Beyond the royal and durable looks, this 60% carbon fiber mast will not disappoint- it performs well, feels light, and allows you to excel with your sail handling skills. We recommend this mast to anyone who wants their windsurfing rig to be durable and last through the seasons while still being light and maneuverable. The 60% RDM mast is also more cost effective than the 100% carbon sibling. 
The Epic Gear 100% Carbon mast comes with a full year warranty. Although you may not need it! This RDM mast has one of the lowest warranty rates in the industry according to its producer. Mast shim not included with with RDM Mast, must be purchased separately. 

  • 400cm has flex of 19 and weighs 3.94lbs
  • 430cm has flex of 21 and weighs 4.38lbs
  • 460cm has flex of 25 and weighs 4.6lbs