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North Sails Uni.XT Extension

Size: RDM 36

Price:  $ 99.95 
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Size: SDM 28

Price:  $ 99.95 
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North Sails Uni.XT Windsurfing Mast Extension

Eliminate all rigging problems with North's Uni.XT mast extension! This windsurfing extension has all the features you could need due to the careful consideration in both design and engineering. The North Uni.XT has a 2.Thread.System: 2 rollers that are aligned in different orientations ensuring that this extension will rig with any brand of windsurf sails- great option if you have multiple sails in your quiver with different pulley setups. You can easily downhaul and trim the sail with this extension because of the double.foot.trim: place for both feet to push on the bottom and still cleat the excess line. De-rigging is just as easy as rigging and only requires a quick short jerk from the cleat so you don't have to strain your back trying to release the line.

Other features include:
-Original Tuefelberger rope that is strong and easier to downhaul
-Shox-Upgrade compatibility so you can absorb shock in choppy conditions
-2 year unconditional warranty!

North Sails Uni.XT Extension Specifications

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