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Severne Blade (2019)

Size: 5.7 Orange

Price:   $ 859.00   $ 689.00  
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Size: 5.7 Blue

Price:   $ 859.00   $ 689.00  
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Severne Blade

The all new 2019 Severne Blade windsurfing sail is the prime combination of power and control. The 5 batten technology gives it increased stability and an extended wind range, resulting in an all-around high-performing wave sail. Further maximizing the wind range, the more pronounced luff curve increases skin tension to shift the center of effort more forward and lower. The luff panel, composed of Dacron, lets the sail expand under load, permitting a more forward pronounced load in extreme conditions. Optimized control comes from the geometry of the sail with its rake angles set to drive force through the mastbase with the clew still below shoulder height. Because of the Blade's upper shaping being moved forward the wave sailor's stance is more evenly distributed, putting less load on the fin.

The Blade is one of the most durable and lightweight windsurfing sails available being constructed completely out of premium X-Ply. Stronger than ever, Spiderfibre technology reinforces the clew while decreasing swing weight. The Dyneema window X-Ply is super durable and still absolutely transparent unrestricted vision. eM3 material is used in the upper panels and the newly fabricated eM4 makes up the lower foot panel, where there is increased tension. The Blade is then topped off with double width seams between every panel.

Severne's Blade is one of our favorite all-around high-performing windsurfing sails to use when the swell is calling.


  • Increased stability and control
  • Cyclops ready
  • 100% X-Ply
  • Double-Seams everywhere
  • Benchmark wave sail