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Severne Dyno V2 (2020)

Severne Dyno Freewave Windsurf Board

Based on the Nano waveboard, the Dyno brings compact efficiency to the free-wave arena to electrify your riding experience in real world conditions. The Dyno is designed with faster rocker lines and increased volume under foot this board gets up to plane super quickly and can maintain that speed through gusts and lulls.  The compact size of the board enables real use of that speed whether it be getting massive air on jumps, aerial rotations or freestyle moves.  Another key feature of the Dyno is the parallel rails that allows for maneuver enhancing tail kick allowing it to drive through turns on the rail letting riders get the most out of any onshore or real world waves.
Three fin boxes and multiple footstrap options allows you to have the best of both worlds whether that be screaming across flatwater with a single free ride fin or tearing up the face of a wave with a thruster set up. 


  • Single fin and Thruster fin options
  • Parallel Outline - reduces drag and increases stability
  • Accelerated Rocker Line - sufficient nose lift for wave maneuvers and jumping while being low enough for quick acceleration and comfort through chop.
  • Refined Bottom Shape - easy rail-to-rail transition, penetrates chop for more comfort, and more rail rocker for precise turns on the rail.
  • Compact Volume Distribution - reduced length centers the volume where you need it.  Reduced volume rails to high volume standing area.
  • Ergonomic Foot Positioning - deck angles designed for comfort and responsive foot positioning for both inboard and outboard foot positions.

Upgrades for 2020:

  • Increased surface area on the center fins, improving grip and drive.
  • Improved texture on deck pads for even more comfort.
  • Carbon nose reinforcements have been tripled.
  • Full length rail bands have been added.
  • Bottom laminate upgraded to a 160g Biax Glass for improved strength.