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Severne Foil Freek (2021-2022)

Size: 4.4 - Red

Price:   $ 775.00   $ 479.00  
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Size: 4.8 - Red

Price:   $ 800.00   $ 499.00  
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Size: 5.2 - Red

Price:   $ 810.00   $ 525.00  
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Severne Foil Freek Freestyle Sail (2021)

We have already been enjoying using the Freek as a foil sail, but Severne is taking it one step further and making some changes to make a foil specific Freek.   The Foil Freek is a dedicated freemove/freestyle performance windfoil sail.  This windsurfing foil sail is designed to give maximum lift combined with a light, smooth handling even in strong gusts.  Higher aspect ratio improves lift, speed and increases control.  The Foil Freek offers a steady profile in any type of conditions.  Stable and easy handling make it incredibly efficient to pump you up on the foil even with little sail pressure.  The difference in the sails loaded and unloaded state allows for easy ducking on the foil to boost yourself from a depowered state into maneuvers.  Easy rotation keeps you going steadily through duck gybes, 360's or whatever other moves you're dreaming of pulling off.  For regular fin windsurfing, the Foil Freek will still satisfy any freestyle enthusiast with its acceleration and light wind fit. 


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Stable and easy handling
  • Efficient even in really light winds
  • Improved lift, speed and control
  • Easier to duck and 360

4.4 Specs:  Luff 400.  Boom 155.  Mast 400
4.8 Specs: Luff 423.  Boom 159.  Mast 400
5.2 Specs: Luff 430.  Boom 166.  Mast 400