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Starboard Go Windsurfer/ Ezzy Legacy Rig Package (2022)

Board Size/ Sail Size: 195L- 5.5

Price:   $ 3,415.00   $ 2,899.00  
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Board Size/ Sail Size: 195L- 5.8

Price:   $ 3,439.00   $ 2,939.00  
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Board Size/ Sail Size: 195L- 6.5

Price:   $ 3,464.00   $ 2,964.00  
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Board Size/ Sail Size: 195L- 7.5

Price:   $ 3,484.00   $ 2,984.00  
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Starboard Go Windsurfer/ Ezzy Legacy Rig 60% Mast Package

The Board

The Starboard Go Windsurfer is the big brother to the popular Go series of boards.  With a full size, retractable centerboard you get improved upwind and light wind performance.  When you kick the daggerboard up, you still have great planing performance from this shortboard-like shape. These new shapes have a lower, highly efficient rockerline. This low rocker line allows the GO Windsurfer to glide smoothly and fast in light winds, with lots of longitudinal traction. It also lets the board accelerate onto the plane smoothly and more easily than before.

With a full EVA deck, this board is easy on the knees and elbows of beginners who are climbing on more often, and the extra deck pads under the footstraps will be appreciated by sailors who are using a harness and the footstraps!

The Rig

  If you are looking for the next upgrade from your first beginning rig, the Legacy rig is the sail that will progress with you as you advance your skills! The Ezzy 60% reduced diameter mast teamed up with the Legacy sail gives you a lightweight, responsive feel that is easy to maneuver on the water. Not only does the Ezzy RDM mast offer more performance, but it is easier to rig than a Standard Diameter Mast.

This is great as you start to improve your sail handling skills to make faster tacks and jibes or even try your hand at some light wind freestyle moves. We like the euro-pin for ease of use but if you want we can include the 2pin basecup as well.

This Rig includes:
- 2021 Ezzy Legacy
- Ezzy 60% RDM Mast*
- Chinook Pro-1 Alloy or RDG Alloy boom
- Chinook Aluminum RDM Euro-Pin Extension
- Single-bolt Euro-Pin Mast Base
- An Uphaul

*5.5m/5.8m/6.5m come w/ 430cm mast 
*7.5m rig comes w/ 460cm mast


 Ezzy Legacy Luff Luff Boom Boom Suggested No. of Base Suggested Weights
Size (sq.m.) min max min max Mast Battens Extension Use Kgs
4.2 378 380 149 157 370/27/17 5 10 cm Wave 2.9 kgs
4.7 402 404 157 165 400/25/19 5 4 cm Wave 3.056 kgs
5.2 421 423 165 173 400/25/19 5 23 cm Wave 3.248 kgs
5.5 435 437 172 180 430/25/21 5 7 cm Freeride/Wave 3.412 kgs
5.8 441 443 171 178 430/25/21 5 13 cm Freeride/Wave 3.436 kgs
6.5 452 455 189 198 430/25/21 6 25 cm Freeride 3.972 kgs
7.5 475 478 202 212 460/25/25 6 18 cm Freeride 4.226 kgs