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Starboard Go Windsurfer Starlite (2021)

Size: 165

Price:  $ 1,799.00 
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Size: 175

Price:  $ 1,799.00 
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Size: 195

Price:  $ 1,799.00 
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Starboard Go Windsurfer with a Centerboard

The Starboard Go Windsurfer is the big brother to the popular Go series of boards.  With a full size, retractable centerboard you get improved upwind and light wind performance.  When you kick the daggerboard up, you still have great planing performance from this shortboard-like shape. These new shapes have a lower, highly efficient rockerline. This low rocker line allows the GO Windsurfer to glide smoothly and fast in light winds, with lots of longitudinal traction. It also lets the board accelerate onto the plane smoothly and more easily than before.

With a full EVA deck, this board is easy on the knees and elbows of beginners who are climbing on more often, and the extra deck pads under the footstraps will be appreciated by sailors who are using a harness and the footstraps! 

New to 2021:

The 2021 Go Windsurfers are exclusively Starlight construction which is a significant step up from standard construction used in this price category and now comes in a 165 liter size.  The Starlight construction is a lighter weight/stiffer construction that's tougher against impacts and with a crisper, more high performance feel on the water.