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Starboard iQ Foil Junior Package

Rig Size: 5.0m

Price:  $ 5,849.00 
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Rig Size: 6.0m

Price:  $ 5,899.00 
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Rig Size: 7.0m

Price:  $ 5,949.00 
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Shipping to your nearest freight terminal is $150. If you would like to have it shipped to your home or business please contact us for an additional freight quote. (727) 656-6569

Starboard iQ Foil Junior Package

The Streamlined pathway from Junior to Youth and Olympic Gold.  The Junior package has everything you need to start racing. 

The board - by adopting the best of the Olympic Windsurfing’s iQFoil development program, the iQFoil 85 board takes-off in even lighter winds than its larger sibling with better control and more comfort for lighter riders. It is built for light weight and strength by combining a full carbon bottom, a thick, durable skin and strategically placed fibre reinforcements.

The foil – the mast is an ultra-stiff 95cm aluminium mast paired with an 800 cm² front wing ensuring control for lighter riders. Both the 95 Plus and 115 Plus fuselages are included in the full package giving exciting racing format options and the widest wind range. The foil’s adjustable tail wing angle is what allows the foil to take off in such light winds and cover such a wide wind range at little added cost. It’s a must.
Only the front wing needs to be upgraded to 900cm² for going to Youth.

The fin – the short 56cm fin suits the narrow tail. It is better for launching in shore break and performs well on all angles.

The lightweight FGO 5m², 6m² and 7m² sails with strong reinforcements in vital areas, cover a wide weight range, wind range and comes from Severne Sails’ world-leading development program. They offer huge trimming range, excellent cam rotation and reinforcements in vital stress areas.

The lightweight RDM Blue mast has a 90% carbon content for extra durability and optimum reflex.

The boom is a V grip design aluminium monocoque design – perfect for smaller hands. 40% stiffer than a traditional round aluminum boom and with unmatched durability.

Check out our blog post to learn more about Olympic Class Starboard IQ Foils here.

What's included:

  • Starboard iQFoil 85 board Starlite construction
  • Severne iQ Foil Aluminum
    • 95 cm aluminum V5HD Mast
    • 800 front wing
    • 255 -2°  tail wing
    • 115+ fuselages
  • Drake Race 56 Ready to Run
  • Severne FGO Sail (5.0, 6.0 or 7.0)
  • Severne RDM Blue mast 430 or 460
  • Severne Go Boom
  • Severne RDM Triple Extension
  • Severne Mast Base

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