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Tahe Wind Techno 148

Tahe Techno 148

The Tahe Techno 148 is a great board for light weight or beginner riders. The 148 is an absolute weapon in light to moderate wind, with the kind acceleration, straight line speed and lively handling that make it one of the best in this category. This is an ideal candidate to add to your quiver for light to moderate wind sailing. Super easy to learn and easy to jibe make it the perfect combination of ingredients to give you unlimited freeride fun. The Techno range in many ways wrote the modern history in the funboarding category, widely regarded for its easy riding, high versatility, high strength and light weight characteristics. Built in Tahe's exclusive ACT-TEC construction technology, techno boards are the benchmark in this category.

Ideal for

Fast funboard planing
Planing in footstraps in all wind conditions
Learning to windsurf for lighter weight riders

Technical Specs

  • Code 106838
  • Model Techno
  • Length 8'66" / 264 cm
  • Width 28.52" / 75 cm
  • Volume 148 L
  • Weight 19.87 lbs / 9,7 kg
  • Finbox Configuration Set Up 1 deep tuttle
  • Supplied fin(s) Select 46
  • Daggerboard No
  • Foil Reinforcement No
  • Masttrack Adjustable Positions
  • Ideal Sail Size 6.0 > 8.5 m2
  • Product Type Rigid - Composite
  • Technology ACE-TEC
  • Country of manufacture France