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Windsurfer LT Race w/Windsurfer Sail and Rig Package

Windsurfer LT with Windsurfer One Design 5.7 Rig Package

Pair the Windsurfer LT with the racing centerboard and a Windsurfer 5.7 rig for the complete one-design race combination with a retro look and feel but modern performance! This combination will have great glide across the water and is easy to set up - perfect for your lake or beach house so everyone can have fun on the water.

The Board
Old school windsurfing is new again! If you're in the market for a can-do-everything board look no further, the Windsurfer LT is the board to have no matter the conditions on the water.  This 12' by 29" board is designed to excel in low wind windsurfing while providing plenty of stability making it perfect for learning windsurfing and advancing to more advanced skills such as freestyle sailing and racing.  This long board sailboard also makes a great paddleboard for those times that you show up to the beach and there is no wind.  The Windsurfer LT construction features a lightweight EPS core with a fiberglass and epoxy resin system making it built for longevity while keeping the board lighter than most Wind/SUP boards on the market (15kg or 33lbs) making it much easier to handle while windsurfing and paddling alike. 

The Rig

The 5.7m soft centered sail is made from mylar/dacron and has 3 battens. It is light and generates plenty of power to propel your Windsurfer LT board in light to moderately strong wind conditions. This is also the class legal one-design rig for the Windsurfer LT racing class.
The package comes complete with a 2-piece 40% carbon mast, modern clamp on adjustable boom and fixed base extension with 1-bolt EP base.