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XO Swing Rig

size: 3.5m

Price:  $ 599.00 
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size: 4.5m

Price:  $ 699.00 
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size: 5.5m

Price:  $ 749.00 
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size: 6.5m

Price:  $ 799.00 
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Complete rig - includes sail, mast, boom, extension, and carry bag.

XO Swing Rig

The Swing, delivered fully rigged, is the ideal sail for beginners as well as for sailing schools. Easy, light, solid, they will ideally accompany the beginners from their first tacks to the learning of the first transitions. Comes with a 2 piece mast, fixed length aluminum boom, fixed extension, and rig bag.

Available in very small sizes, they will be perfect for the youngest windsurfing apprentices as well as for adults with the larger sizes.

// Ideal for beginners, centers but also for performance courses.
// Turnkey rig with fixed boom and 0° extension.
// 3 batten sails from 1.5 to 3.5 and 4 battens from 4.5 to 6.5.
// Pentex version: lighter, more flexible and resistant than monofilm.