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Duotone Slick (2024)

size/color: 4.5 turqouise/coral

Price:  $ 1,039.00 
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size/color: 5.5 turquoise/coral

Price:  $ 1,159.00 
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size/color: 6.0 turquoise/coral

Price:  $ 1,189.00 
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size/color: 6.5 turquoise/coral

Price:  $ 1,219.00 
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2024 Duotone Slick Wing

The rounded outline recovers easily from tip strikes, and this season's Slick boasts improved draft stability through a refined panel layout with enhanced canopy tension and wing profiling. With instant power delivery, the Slick remains light, neutral, and effortless when being flagged out on a wave. The wing specific MOD3 canopy offers durability and instantaneous power output. The refined panel layout enhances draft stability, eliminating the need to adjust hand positions during gusts.

With superior top-end control and depower, the 2024 Slick is a versatile wing designed to withstand the demands of freeride and freestyle, ensuring an elevated Wing Foiling experience with advanced features for maximum performance and control.