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Fanatic Sky Wing 6' 3" and SlingShot FWing Package

Fanatic Sky Wing 6' 3" foil package

The new range of Sky Wing models grows to nine dedicated shapes and takes efficiency to another level. Ride the smallest board possible in the lightest of winds! If you thought the previous Sky Wing range was leading the way in Wing Foiling – try one of these hot new shapes and you’ll be impressed how much of a change a board can make. The range is split in three different directions, with the two smallest shapes of 4’6” and 4’7” being dedicated Prone/Wing advanced combo boards, with low volume, more radical bottom contours and all features needed to push the limits. The Wing Allround range from 4’8” to 5’8” has its focus on the earliest take-off possible with minimal board size. Our shaper Sky Solbach combined the early planing rocker line of our previous 5’4” with a sharp release box rail and slight bevels in the nose section. The extra glide allowed to pull in tail and nose outline slightly to reduce catching in turns and on the wave. The clean approach with plenty of volume under your feet allows for an uninterrupted touch-down, which helps learners and hardcore freestylers alike – you just never get stuck! The 6’3” is dedicated for everyone getting into Wing Foiling. The extra length and heaps of volume turns you into an addicted winger in no time! The 6’3” is also available in a Soft Top edition with a comfortable, durable and grippy full EVA deck and rail cover.

The Slingshot Hover Glide FWING V1 foil package is specifically designed to help you progress on the wing foil quickly.  Equipped with the massive 99 wing, which boasts 2.371 square centimeters of surface area, it has the lowest takeoff and stall speed in Slingshot's foil range.  The 99 cm wingspan provides unmatched rail-to-rail stability and makes getting up on foil easier than ever. The front wing pops you up on foil quickly and reliably.  Get ready to fly without your foil feeling twitchy or squirrely.   Combine the 99 cm wing with the large 48 cm rear stabilizer and you'll be amazed at how well this foil pumps and glides.  All the ease and all the fun.

This foil package includes the 71 cm (28") mast, pedestal, shift fuselage, Infinity 99 front wing, 48 cm rear wing, hardware, shim, neoprene wing covers and travel bag.