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Patrik Foil AIO Pro

size: 5.1

Price:  $ 1,849.00 
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size: 5.2

Price:  $ 1,899.00 
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Available late March. Pre-order yours now!

Patrik Foil A.I.O. (all in one)

A.I.O. = All in One
Exactly this is what PATRIK stands for and we could not be prouder that in Germany they are praised as the “Tesla of wing boards”! As a shaper and designer Patrik can leave nothing to chance and to ride everything what he designs and feel what is really needed is his strength.

To be able and understand every shape line even on the smallest board size 4’6” with only 35 litres Patrik also showed his persistence on the water and pushed himself to the limits. Those boards can be used for all sorts of foil sports from surfing to tow-in, wake, SUP, Wing and in the two windsurf options also windsurf. An innovative two-step side shape gives the board unique stability and maneuverability. We decided to give you really all the options with our A.I.O. range that is why all the boards have both fin box options the Foil deep turtle and also the US plate system.

The full-carbon sandwich PVC construction makes those boards really stiff and consecutively very high performance. On the A.I.O. you feel your foil like you have never felt it before. The A.I.O. is the perfect foil toy for all dedicated watermen and waterwomen out there!

4’6” / 5’0” / 5’1”: With the three smaller sizes we are covering Wing-Foil, Surf-Foil, Wake-Foil and Tow-In-Foil.
5’2”: Also covering Wing-Foil, Surf-Foil, Wake-Foil and Tow-In-Foil but additionally also to be used for advanced Foil-SUP.
5’9” / 6’6” and 5’9”-WS / 6’6”-WS: These bigger Wingboards don't work for Surf-Foiling but work well as a Foil-SUP and Windfoilboard as the “WS” models.

patrik foil aio board specs