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Slingshot Kim K. Kite Pump

Slingshot Kim K. Kite and Wing Pump

This big-daddy deluxe kite pump makes inflating even the biggest kites a breeze.  Do you we sell kites? No, but we do have wings and these pumps will make short work of even those 7m foil wings.  This kite/wing pump is larger, taller, sturdier and has more volume than your traditional kite pump.  Slingshot revamped the seals and pistons and put a fresh design on the molded handle and feet which not only makes it easier on your but speeds up inflation speed.  Single to double stroke inflation switch allows for instant change from high-volume / low pressure to low volume/high pressure.  When we're on the beach inflating the wings, our rule of thumb for those with an inflatable center strut is use the double action to get the leading edge pumped up and as soon as you start to hear the air flowing into the center strut, switch to single action.  Nice clear gauge on top so you can clearly see your PSI while pumping up your foil wing. 

What's included?

  • Kite/wing tether and hook
  • Kite/wing tuned Slingshot pressure gauge
  • Integrated sand filter
  • Premium high-flow and extra durable hose
  • 2 extra kite/wing nozzles to fit most kites/wings on the market.