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Starboard FreeWing Air Foil Wing (v1)

Size/Color: 4m/Teal

Price:   $ 829.00   $ 325.00  
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Size/Color: 6m/Teal

Price:   $ 949.00   $ 325.00  
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Size/Color: 7m/Orange

Price:   $ 999.00   $ 325.00  
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Size/Color: 7m/Teal

Price:   $ 999.00   $ 325.00  
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The Freewing Air comes with a carrying case, wing and wrist leash.  Pump, board and foil are not included.  If you are looking for a whole package, give us a call!  727-656-6569

Pump Sold Separately

Starboard FreeWing Air Foil Wing

Starboard's FreeWing shares the stoke of Kite, SUP and Windsurf into a single flying experience. Working with the design team from both Airush and Starboard, FreeWings fuse the innovation and ideology of the different sports into groundbreaking designs with refined performance. With development between Thailand, Bali, Tarifa, Cape Town and Maui, Starboard has been able to optimize both light wind and high wind performance to match conditions at any of your favorite spots. 

This is an all-around wing that’s easy to use. It’s especially controllable when overpowered and efficient when pumping in light wind due to the generous strut diameter which solidifies the frame’s stiffness. The wing is surprisingly stable when luffed in the neutral position, making it ideal for downwinders and carving. The inward-angled wing tips keeps the wing out of the water when getting started and when overpowered. We focused on reduced arm pressure and extra comfort when riding for long periods of time. Every size has been precisely designed to achieve maximum control and performance. Optimal for wingfoil beginners to down-the-line wave riders. High-visibility windows allows safety in crowds – the more you see, the safer you’ll be! Smart localized strut reinforcements for added durability and minimum wing weight.


  • Great stability and control for all kind of users.
  • The inward angled wing tips on the 5,6 and 7m sizes help keep the tips out of the water when starting or overpowered.
  • Lightweight and easy to uphaul.
  • Very powerful, with arm pressure minimized due to easy de-power.
  • Extended windows for a much larger field of vision.
  • Harness lines reduce fatigue in the arms, allowing you to ride for longer periods.
  • Included leash with cuff system, allowing one handed strap in.
  • Angled handles for convenience getting started and to perform jibes and maneuvers.
  • Thicker, softer, wide handles for micro-trimming at speed.